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New Post on the Washington Beer Blog + Where I'm Going

New Post on the Washington Beer Blog + Where I'm Going

As the sky turns gray, the rain begins to fall and the summer slips into my favorite season here in Seattle, I am preparing a very out-of-character move: heading toward the sun.

But it’s not just any sun — oh, no. This is the trip of a lifetime I’m preparing to take. I leave tomorrow on a long-awaited pilgrimage to the lands that have captured my fascination since childhood: Greece, Egypt and Jordan. This is a journey to see amazing sights that defy all logic in their claims of being constructed by mere mortals; to witness history standing in the present moment, a testament to Earth time’s artificiality; to feast upon the bounty of the harvest and taste some of the world’s finest cuisine, fresh and healthy and vibrantly life-affirming; to commune with civilizations through the centuries, both of this astral plane and otherwise; and it is a spiritual quest, a journey to discover who I always have been and who I always will be: the me that transcends space, time and bodies.

I saw the below painting at a museum in London last summer, and decided then and there that next year, I would journey to this land. And now it is manifesting; that’s a pretty cool feeling. It was part of an exhibit about a writer who traveled to the sun-drenched, wine-soaked, cuisine-celebrating lands of tanned and joyous locals, of sun and sky and celebration, and fell in love, and documented everything on canvas and typewriter. I follow in his footsteps, and hope to be inspired to such creation by the experience.


I will be gone for over a month, and perhaps most shocking of all, I’m not bringing a laptop. I’m going to be going off the grid; truly disconnecting in a way I haven’t done since before the dawn of the internet age. I’m getting back to basics and reconnecting with myself; the me that lives beyond the keyboard; the me that has no attachment to things like followers and likes, that exists outside of such earthly things as blogs and social posts and even jobs. I’m bringing art supplies and journals: the materials of my childhood. To rediscover my true and timeless essence, I must strip it all away, so it’s just me, the pen and the blank page: half a world away, in a strange land, open to anything and ready to soak it all in. I need to feel the paper against my palm; I need my hand to ache as the words pour out of me; I need to see every mistake, never able to truly be erased, but only crossed over. I need the raw material before I can know how to transform it, and how to deliver it in a way that truly resonates, and maybe, just maybe, how to connect it to my greater life purpose and even my earthly work.


Big changes are happening. Courses are being corrected. I’m getting back to me. And I leave tomorrow, packing along only carry-on luggage, stripping everything down to the basics and ready for adventure. Let’s learn and discover. Let’s soak it all in. Let’s be a conduit for the greater truths that the Universe is ever attempting to reveal.

I’m ready for it.

In the meantime, I’m getting back to the basics of my own personal business, telling the stories I love to tell about my favorite Seattle food and beverage establishments. Today, nearly a year after my story about Stoup Brewing published and jump-started a whole new series of timelines for me, I have a new post on the Washington Beer Blog, telling the story of Figurehead Brewing Company. Fittingly, as my journey will end in London, Figurehead produces some of my very favorite beer in town, and perfectly captures the spirit and essence of the neighborhood pubs I love in London town. They make malt-centric, sessionable English- and Belgian-style ales; they buck the IPA craze; and they’re just all-around good guys.

Immense gratitude to the founders of Figurehead for sharing their story; to Kendall Jones of the Washington Beer Blog for publishing me so graciously; and to all of you, and to the Universe, for being part of this beautiful life.

See y’all in October. xxx

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